Agh! New dvds out that dvdshrink cant progess? Ducktales, etc

First was my anime Gankutsuou that I could not process a week ago with dvdshrink. First time shrink ever failed me. It only shows one 20 minute extra as main movie and rest of 7 gig dvd is missing. Now a week later I find another new dvd that shrink can not process. My ducktales collection that came out today! It only shows 5min clip as main and nothing else! I can play these as movies on computer so not DD fault. Also when I try find an alternative like full dvd backup it errors out and cant read first vob. I cant be only one having issues with this. This some new CP or blocking tool? How did folks find a work around for this? Unless I somehow accidentally changed some setting but i really doubt it. Help!

Try AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 from - you get a 21 day free trial. Plus if you do want to buy it, I think there is a $10 discount from this forum.

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I’m having the same problem backing up the “Rescue Rangers” season 1, this is another new Disney release. It will rip using AnyDVD and Dvd Decrypter, but when I try to shrink the File using Dvd Shrink it immediately brings up an error “Invalid data in file C:…\video_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB”. I can watch the individual VTS files on the comp. using power DVD, so I’m pretty sure the Disc ripped correctly. I’m wondering if AnyDVD addresses this new protection? I’m hesitant to download the update because up until now has worked flawlessly for me.

I was able to copy the first disc of Ducktales using the latest versions of AnyDvD and CloneDVD with no problems at all. However the second disc of Ducktales came with a deep scratch and couldn’t read it half way through, so I’ll have to exchange it for a new set.

Please get this misconception out of your head. Why would you think that a newer version of AnyDVD wouldn’t work as well as an older one? The newer versions work BETTER.

I had some very bad experiences with updates, back in the dark days of DVDXCopy. I guess I’ve just been overly cautious ever since.

This is no DVDXCopy crap. AnyDVD / elby CLoneDVD2 is real, working software.


Thats for sure. I was one of the people that shelled out $100+ for the initial DVDXcopy and at the same time was unknowingly a Beta Tester for the software. It was a very frustrating couple of months for me. $300 for a sony DRU500a, $100 for software , and lots of $3 coasters. But back then Xcopy was the only game in town, Needless to say I was very happy when I found out about shrink and decrypter.

I’m in the process of Updating to now :slight_smile:

I bought clonedvd and like SIKEGRAD said, it in conjunction with anydvd backed up Rescue Rangers perfectly :smiley: .

I was not able to get the file that I ripped with dvddecrypter and anydvd to work with DVDshrink, this is the first movie that hasn’t worked using this method. This is what I have used for all the new Sony movies, and I’ve never had a problem. It appears Disney’s done something on these discs that doesn’t agree with dvdshrink.

Thanks Slysoft :bow: :clap: