Aggravating ND3520

Hello, I have done some research on the forums but haven’t really found an answer to my problem. When I burn a DVD, (using nero 6.6 and multiple types of media) I run into a problem. Nero will get halfway through the burn and then stop. There is a clock that counts down on the estimated time left, and when the clock gets to zero, it simply stops burning. I have watched the “time elapsed” clock reach 26 minutes before I am forced to restart my computer. Have you guys heard of this before? Does anyone have any idea for a possible solution? This is very frustrating!!

I am sorry I meant 3520a…not 3250

[EDIT Dee-27] Corrected the thread title for you

Has this not happend to anybody?

If you can post the Nero log file we might get a better understanding of what is going wrong.
Make sure you remove your Nero serial from the log file before posting.