Agggh Help. Nero



I have nero startsmart, down loaded some avi files, want to put them on to a dvd disc, converted to vob files. Can anyone recommend softwear. All I want to do is watch a movie


Do a google search for avi converter to _________. Converting takes a while and it is very hard on ur cup charging it to 90+% of use.


see this thread


Thks, but I have winavi it works fine, I have nero 6 and also have nerovision express se. I converted the avi, mpeg, files to vob, tried to burn with nero, that said I need to use nerovision, tried that, that said “I need a dvd plug in”, nero web site, says “Plug in is standard with nero 6”, but everytime I tried to burn, I am going around in circles, I give up!!! :sad:


what keys did you write into nero??


I don’t think we ask this type of question here. Nobody should give out any key or serial number on this forum.


nono he dont have to but i think i did have a simular prob and i fixed it whit the right key!!


I understand what you’re saying & I agree that the correct key must be entered to enable a particular function.