How OLD would you be if you didn’t know how OLD you are?


Sometimes it feels like being as young as during the University years.
Sometimes it feels like being as old as my neighbour, who can barely walk.

Depends with whom I hang out when you ask this question :wink:

With the Blizzard We are having outside and I’m sitting here at work I guess 60 sounds about right.

I’d like to be 16 again, then maybe i could avoid making the mistakes i made from that age to my present age. But i’d probably just make as many mistakes again, and perhaps worse. :slight_smile:
I feel about 22 or something like that btw

I would be 4 again,
Thats about where I screwed up.

I think something like 16 or 17… people always think that i am that age so…


My friends tell me that I act like a 40-year old. :rolleyes: Bah, humbug. :wink:


From your avatar, you look about twice your age. :stuck_out_tongue: In my experience, however, people of your age tend to want to be older because it means more freedom. So I think that was a compliment. On the other hand, people twice your age would probably have me tarred and feathered for making such a statement about how old they looked.

I would have to say i would like to be 23 again…also now that im an adult i wish i could go back to school age and know how important it was to do the work;)

I’ve had alot of bad and pain in my past, personaly, but I know beyond ANY shaddow of a doubt, if I were to change the BAD things that happened to me, or the bad choices I made, I’d not be the person I am today. Personaly, I wouldn’t want to take that risk. :wink:


Oh, and I’m about 12. :slight_smile:

i would want to 7 again because of all the new toys available like cars and stuff