Age of Wonders II Backup


Used ClonyXXL to detect Disc protection on the Age of Wonders II Disc, then used ClonyXXL to start CloneCD and used the CloneyXXL Profile, burned AOW II no problem and works great.

Burn Dive LG GCC-4320B 32x10x40 Comb DVD/CD-RW
Read Drive Lite-On 16x DVD LTD163D GHR3

Apparently Age of Wonders II uses Safedisc - 2.70.30

Also reads fine in a Samsung SD-612 DVD and an LG CED-8080B

Regards; Snarl

SafeDisc 2.70.030 is still doable! It’s the same version as found on Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It gets interesting with SafeDisc version :bigsmile: