Age of mytholoy

cant seen to make a working copy of age of mythology,
any ideas of settings.
tried cloney for protection
still dont work
Mr R

Protection is Safedisc 2.70.30
safedisc 2 datatype
disable “bypass efm error” if burner is 2 sheep
enable “ignore media type” in systray when playing…

sorry bit of a newbie, im just a dad doing it for my kids
what u mean by " 2 sheep"
using nec dvd/cd burner 1300a
have liteon cd burner can use if better
thanx for help

Your nec 1300 is a no sheep burner but
Your liteon will be 2 sheep if its over 16x just use it…

2 sheep= correct efm
1 sheep= nearly correct efm
0 sheep= no correct efm

Use the Lite-on with safedisc 1 (not safedisc 2/3) settings. Remember to enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options if your kids will play the back-up copy from a burner (not necessary if they’re going to play from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).