Age of Mythology

Anyone know what protection scheme Age of Mythology will have? Any ideas or even guesses?

Which company is releasing the game? If it’s EA or Microsoft it’ll probably be safedisc 2.8x+. If Sierra or Jowood, the latest uncopiable securom. Anyone else, who knows? Maybe we’ll be lucky and it will be unprotected.

It’s by Microsoft, but the programmers are Ensemble Studios. What are the requirements to copy the latest SafeDisc. Do I need a 2 sheep burner? I burned some games with my burner now that I think needed 1 sheep. I am unsure if the clonecd database list on line is completely updated with every burner.

I have a 6x Samsung cd-rw model SW-206 and I uses my toshiba DVD-ROM as a reader model SD-M1212 which is a 6x DVD ROM and can read up to 32x or 40x I forgot.