Age of Mythology: The Titans safedisc problems

Hey everyone.

Here is my problem. About half a year ago or so (can’t really remember) I purchased Age of Mythology: The Titans and I played it for about 2 months straight, I then had to go to college so I lent my younger friend the game until I came back into town. He set it (apparently) on top of some newspapers or something and it got covered up, and his mom put the newspapers along with the cd in the recycling. Good Move. So I feel like a game of this again, I still have the cd jacket so I still have my valid cd key which is good. So I downloaded the ISO of the game off the internet (which I assume is legal since I have already purchased the game and if its not well lets just pretend I got the iso off a friend :))

I know this game is protected with SafeDisc 2.7.030. So I burned the ISO and tried to play it but I keep getting “Please insert CD” even when it is in, clearly safedisc protection. I don’t want to have to use cracks because they are a supreme pain in the butt. I was wondering if I could burn this ISO with the required SafeDisc options in some program to enable the program to be able to see the cd. I have tried emulation from Alcohol, and Daemon tools with the ISO mounted and neither of them work just gives me the same “Please insert CD” message.

I used clony XXL to look at the burned version of this game and it said the protection was “SafeDisc 2.7” even though it was a burned ISO, does this mean the ISO is 1:1 and im just not burning it right or what? How can I make the game see this cd, and emulation is clearly not an option.

I also used this one program to see if there was any CD-R info in the APIC or whatever and there was none.

Maybe there is some way to reburn it with the right options? I don’t know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot.

what it means is that whatever you downloaded didn’t carry the data needed by the copy protection. That is all I’m going to say. Also, discussing the burning of downloaded images is verboten here.

Take it up with your “friend.” He got the disc from you and he should return it. Even if it means going to a store to buy a new one. It can’t be that expensive after six months.

You might be able to call MS and ask for a replacement for a small fee…

they do that? hmm i might just. thanks alot

They should IF you can prove you bought the game i.e receipts etc.