Age of Mythology Protection

Just got it thx to a friend whoworks in a store. Its release date is the 31st for pre-orders. Anyhow, with yates analyser it came up with: Safedisc - 2.70.30

Any suggestions on how I should start a backup. My burner is a non-sheep burner. I am willing to try though.

Thats good to know :wink:
With a No-Sheep burner I dont think you have a chance, but I would suggest you have a read of philamber’s most excellent post and have a bash at it anyway, you never know

It could be helpful if you mentioned which writer you have exactly. SafeDisc version 2.70.030 is still doable with a two-sheep writer and some one-sheep writers with AWS. Some no-sheep writers work very well with AWS so it’s best to just give it a shot. Use a CD-RW disc and try it!

well, i have a samsung sw-206 but i have no clue how well it handles AWS. how can i find out?

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…i have no clue how well it handles AWS. how can i find out?
Read it and run it using D-Tools without emulation - works = RAW image. Then try it on a CD-RW secondly…

What exactly is a Sheep burner? I have a Liteon LTR24102B
and an ASUS CRW 4012A.

Any suggestions on how to copy this?

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What exactly is a Sheep burner?
You have not read the FAQ! You have two, two-sheep burners!! Use the ASUS to read & write!!!

I have read the FAQ. Its discussed but not explained. I saw hits
that said with a sheep burner you should permanently disable
AWS etc. but nothing in the FAQ states what it is and which drives
have this capability. So I still do not understand what a Sheep burner is. Thanks