Age of Mythology problems

I am trying to copy AoM. I understand it has SD 2.7 or so. I have used CloneCD with the no AWS profile for SD 2. It did not work. I used burnatonce like some guy said to on this board. No luck. I have a Liteon 24102b or something like that. what the heck do i need to do?

AoM = Safedisc v2.70.030
Use an 80’ disc
Read: FES
Write: all off except buffer underrun

If you’re playing from the burner and don’t have Hide CD-R Media enabled, then you’re a goose because you haven’t read the FAQ. If, on the other hand, you’re playing from a CD/DVD-ROM then I’m sure that AWS is enabled somewhere without you realising it.

The only other thing is DMA. Is it enabled on the drive?