Age of mythology lan sync problems

anyone else having age of mythology crash out after a few minutes during lan games? im not sure if my sketchy router is to blame, or age of mythology.

No problems here , i’ve even played it on a Celetron 500 with an on-board vga card (slow as hell , but ok).

ok, we cant figure it out either :-P. it just says ‘out of sync’, crashes to menu, and tells us to restart the game. oh well, microsoft probably detected mandrake on the other partition

LOL , Windows comes with a built-in Mandrake detector … damn … i’m in for some serious trouble then.

well , nuke all the protocols the game doesn’t need , hope that helps.

ugh - no time to check til next weekend - i’ll post back then.

That’s frustrating. I get kicked as soon as the LAN game starts, telling me “out-of-sync error occured”.

I found on the net, that the solution to this type of error is to visit and get Windows Processor Driver 5.1 xxx.

I installed all available Updates, but found no processor drivers there.
And the game continues to crash when trying to start LAN-MP.

Can anyone help, plz?

Had the sync problem untill I changed to a better video card from a crappy one. If you are currently using a good video card, I don’t know what to say.

Anyone here wanna run server for play amongst us???

Sometimes I have the same problem playing AOk: the conquers, but usually no out of sync, but the damn red rabbit when there is a lot going on. I guess that would be out of sync, I think it comes from the lan connetions or pc not being able to keep up