Age of Mythology expansion

I am very surprised this newly released game is only
Safedisc - 2.70.30
Scanned with safedisc analyzer.

Clonyxxl just picked it up as ver2.7

So to everyone who hosts gaming protection websites, you can make updates :bigsmile:

Why not post in our very own Copy protection Forum? Complete your post and I’ll move it over :bigsmile:

You can just move it, I think there is nothing more to complete.

>Age of Mythology expansion

What is the name of the expansion or is it just “Expansion”
English - US ?

of discs? Disc # protected ?

Protected File: ?.exe or mod.dll?


Now that you comment it.
For Battlefield 1942 - Secret weapons of WWII,
Safedisc analyzer reports 2.80.010 on its various mod.dll(three plus another extra .dll from the update).
In the other way, cannot backup with a SD-R5002, so it is finally Safedisc 2.90.040 (2.80 no probs)

So Safedisc analyzer is beginning to fail.

Nothing more to comment.

Good luck!

It shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish among the various version of Safedisc… 2.9 has some new weak sectors (exactly patterns 15fa, 3045 and 9b6d). Just make an image of the original cd and drag and drop in the weak sector scanner of Alexnoe. There shouldn’t be problems.


here ya go FP

Official Title:

Age of Mythology
The Titans Expansion

microsoft is always behind on using the LATEST copy protection…at least they used SD2.7 and not SD2.9…hey why not have PRODUCT ACTIVATION on it!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very strange, CCD can’t make a working copy. It made one of the regular version, but I had to resort to CCD+Fireburner to make a qorking copy of this one.:confused: