Age of mythology and cd-rw

I tried to make a backup on cdr reading from my Toshiba dvd 1502, then I tried to read from my Plextor 24/10/40A using the safedisk2 profile generated with ClonyXXL Profiler (safedisk 2.51-2.80) in both tries and I only got backups that wil only run from my Plex using “hide cdr”, but if I use cd-rw instead of cdr the backup runs from my Toshiba with out enabeling “hide cdr”, is there any explenation or my Toshiba is going nuts?

This is a quirk of your Plex as well as many others.
If you read from the Toshi, it must be in Hardware Mode and not software mode

Hey FutureProof

There are 10 types of people who understand binary code: those who do & those who don’t

I like it:D :stuck_out_tongue: