Age of Empires @ walmart(I believe original)



Hey everyone.

Just a heads up. I went to my local walmart after seeing Scary movie 2 yesterday and of course as a freak where was the 1st place I went? Of course the electronics department. There was a cd - Age of EMpires bundled with some card making program. It was $9.96

I couldnt believe it and bought it anyway. I havent installed it yet to see if it just a demo or not but grabbed it nonetheless. I will let everyone now if it is the full game or not.


Since there are several versions already, it is most likely this is a full version, but the first version.
Ages of empires is bundled with M$ Works for ME as well I believe, so it can not be that expensive anymore…

If it is the latest version, you probably own a demo now :wink:


Maybe it’s cheaper now because it’s a bit of an old game now and with a flood of new games flooding the shelves every week they usually reduce the older games that don’t sell well any more to make room 4 them.

Although i own the original of this game and it is the mutt’s nuts.


Guess what. It is the full version. It is about 80 megs without the vid files and about 180 (I think ) with them. It looks like the complete one


M$ most sucessful game EVER!
(but to me it is SHIT!) not enough gore and violence!
( Unreal, Quake, Rainbow)!


Not Enough Gore?? Violence?? This is a real time stragedy game.
You must think to play this one, just like the others that followed it. I usually play the conquers on hard. That is the only to truly learn to play it sucessfully.


well the could put a “Rain Blood” spell in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


lol u said blood. I agree that is not enough blood in it, but u have to remember that there are 8 year old kids who play this and probably could kick the snot out of us


Yeah true, i am not saying there isn’t enough, well i am but i really don’t like real time strategies they are really slow and i much rather prefer QUAKE or some other game like that! Anyway try and convince me otherwise. I don’t really sepend much time playing games anyways!