Age of Empires II working backup help

Hey everyone… yes I am rather new and on the suggestion on several of your older members downloaded the trial version of Alcohol 120% to make working backups (both to play and install) of:

Age of Empires II
The Conquerors Expansion Edition
Age of Mythology
The Sims Double Deluxe Edition
Sim City 4

The Sims Double Deluxe and Age of Mythology seem to be working.

I just used the default settings in Alcohol 120%. After making a image copy and burning the copy for Age of Empires II it doesn’t work. It boots up to the start menu and when I click play it asks me to insert the correct CD rom.

Please don’t roll your eyes at this post… I know that this question has been asked before. I did search but a lot of the “terms and jargon” I found is hard to interpret for a newbie like myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on AOE II, Sim City 4, and The Conq.'s Expansion.

Thanks in advance!

The game is protected by safedisc1. Make sure you use the safedisc datatype when burning.

Also, what burner are you using?

Although this more than likely won’t help, try to enable ‘hide media type’ emulation.

Finally, make sure you are playing your backup from the same drive that you installed in.


Thanks for the info. and quick response. I’ll try it. Any suggestions on Sim City 4?

To copy the game you HAVE to find out what the protection is on it.

If you check this forum out you can find lots of games with what they are proteted by. If your game isn’t there then you will need to check it yourself. You can do this by downloading ClonyXXL You may need to search using google to get it.

Below is what I found from the other forum I mentioned.
Sim City 4 - Both Disks - SafeDisc V2.80.010

This means that you will need to follow this guide. On that page there are different guides for different programs. The best to normally use is DiscDump + FireBurner guide. you will have to scroll down abit to find it. The rest is worth reading though since you are new to this.

Finally to copy this protection is comes down to how good your CDRW is. If you don’t have a good one then you will find it very difficult/ imposssible to produce a working backup.

Originally posted by Andareed
[B]The game is protected by safedisc1. Make sure you use the safedisc datatype when burning.


It worked on AOEII! Thanks!

Sim City 4 is next!

Thanks for the links and the info Womble. Mucho appreciated…

I am new here and I know very little about copying… So please be patient.

I have
Age of empires 1
Age of empires 1, The rise of rome
Age of empires 2
Age of empires 1, The cnquerors

I also have The sims gigadeluxe (5 cd’s)

I tried to copy age of empires with clone cd and all i got is useless cd’s, I tried to use clony and it could’nt detect the protection mehtod, I really want to make some backups and play with them so I keep in a safe place the originals.

thank you for the help