Age of Empires II working backup help



Hey everyone… Im trying to make a working copy of age of empires 2- the age of kings. Im usin trial version of Alcohol 120% to make working backup.

I have understand that age of empires use Safedics 1.

I already tryed many times to make a working copy but without result. when Im start the game it will say “insert the correct CD rom”

what to do?

Thanks in advance!


Read and write with the safedisc datatype settings.


wont work…

First i go to copy wizard then shose datatype: SAfedisc, (skip erading error and fast skip error blocks are checked)
Then next. Write method RAW DAO, enable buffer underrun tecknolgy, thats it.

any ideas?

It still say when i satrt the game say “insert the correct CD rom”


Don’t use the copy wizard. Not a good idea for copy protected games. You should first make an image with the “Image Making Wizard”, then burn it or run from the image.