Age of empires 3 download



hi, im having problems with installing a.o.e 3
when i get to disc 3 it says error 1305 can not read blood ice steel age303 age3.scn
is there anyway i can fix this?

it did happen to me while i tried installing disc 1, but by trying to install it multiple times the error didnt happen.



Where did you download it?

If it is a torrent, it is illegal and we cannot help you. If you bought it legitimately in an online store, I would go back because it might be a faulty download.


yes it was bought but as a birthday present.
i did get a new laptop recently and it worked fine on my old laptop
without any instalation problems, im thinking it could be my computer.


Somebody please correct me, but AFAIK digital downloads aren’t distributed as separate discs/ISOs.


[QUOTE=megamatt;2532487]yes it was bought but as a birthday present.[/quote] Could you tell me if these are original discs, rebranded discs (aoe3 was rereleased to my knowledge) or a digital download?