Age of Empires 2

I have got a Richo MP-6200S I am trying to
burn Ages of Empire with Nero but with no luck.Could any one tell me how to.I have tried what copyworld has said but no luck.

I have tried what GCW said and AOE2 worked fine with me, are you sure that you are doing it right - Remember to use Blindread to make sure you get all the files copied.

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If you have the US version of the game, you can do what I just did.

  1. I copied the contents of the cd onto my HD using Windows Explorer.
    2)Then, I extracted the audio files.
    3)I made an extra directory in the directory where I copied the files on my HD, and copied the crack file “empires2.exe” crack from gamecopyworld (the file is about 2.5 megs).
    4)I copied the contents using Nero by making a mixed mode CD of the data files and the audio file which was extracted.
    5)You can no longer use the autorun feature of the CD, just double click on the autorun.exe file on the CD to start the installation process.

I used a Hitachi 2500BX to copy the data files and extract the audio files(used Audiocatalyst). I used a Teac R58S to copy the CD.

If anyone was able to copy the CD without using a crack with the above recorder, please let me know what copy program you used and the settings.

I hope this helps.


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Both Europe and US version can be copied using CloneCd!
Good luck!

download Patch Archive [1.2 Mb]!zip

CD-Copy Instructions:
Make a perfect copy of Age of Empires II v1.0 (Europe Edition)
Start with download (extract the zip file to temp dir, ex c emp\empires2.exe) then use Blind reader 2.03 or later
Extract the audio to a temp dir
Then go to c:\Aoe2 (blind reader should have made this directory on your computer)
Then go into \Game\ (now you will see Empires2.exe)
Overwrite it with the new Empires2.exe file Prepare to burn
Step (1) Create a “Mixed Mode CD Layout”
Step (2) Don’t forget to make same “Volume Label” as original
Step (3) Add Data
Step (4) Add wav to CD audio
Step (5) Burn it now in one speed (150kb/sec)
Install Aoe2
Play the Game!

Bane you Probely you forgot step 2 than the autorun will work.

Hi all, i was wondering if any of you could possibly help me out with telling me the volume label for Age of Empires 2. I copied the game a few years ago but didnt copy the volume label (STUPID I KNOW), anyway, i would really like to start playing again but obviously the game wont read the cd as it does not have the correct label. Please help me

Thank you

You’ve revived a 6 year old thread to ask a question that obviously you would know if you owned a legitimate copy of the game. Thread closed.