Age of empires 2



2 questions;

How do I back up age of empires 2. It has safecopy protection I think but CDClone wont read the disk and create the image fille.

Second question, how do I get teh CDClone database to work? Do I need to download Borlands database to go with it? If so where is the best place to get a copy?




That is true Aoe2 have Safedisc2 protection…
CloneCD can copy that cd like a beating child… :wink:

The rading can take several minutes or hours, I have Toshiba 6602b that driver jumps error very fast!

Just use both subchannel readings checked and in burning options you can check don’t repair subchannel data but some burners can’t do that! but copy works without checking that!

I don’t think that you have problems anymore but if you have mail to me!

I copied this game with these settings!


You need borland database if you don’t have it yet!

But I don’t use this kind of programs because clony is much better to scan cds.
I don’t need any databases… why you need to know what protection another people have in their cds… just scan your and beat the protection making 1:1 or search cracks!


There is another way of copying safedisc protected CD’s which is very fast and works all the time.

You have to use a program called disc dump (get it here: ) which creates an image of the file in about 20 mins.

It also creates a cue sheet file, which can be burned back to CD using a program such as CdrWin (get it here: ).

I find that this is the easiest way to copy any safedisc protected CD.


thanks. i now have a backup copy for personal use. Cheers


Originally posted by John Brown
thanks. i now have a backup copy for personal use. Cheers

Note that you can also play online with that ‘backup’. But you’ll have to download the 2.0a update + the crack for that update!
I play online with my update all the time, runs like a train. (and so do I, I defeat about 95% of my enemies…without weird cheating stuff like Blacksmith blood or anything!)