Age of Empires 2 backup

Hi, I’ve been trying to make a backup copy of age of Empires 2 using Nero, but am unable to do so (it seems about to start then fails). Is this because it is copy righted or am i just going about it the wrong way? any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Try Alcohol 120%. I did it with that, and it works. I think it used Safedisc… just use A-Ray Scanner to do a scan on the disc to see what protection it has.


First of all plz do not crosspost (i.e posting the same question more than once)

Right, AoE2 uses SafeDisc 1.4/5 which is very easy to copy. Try what theone1_ suggested or use this guide. Good luck!


Hey sorry about the crossposting, im new to this site and initially thought i posted the question in the wrong forum. But thanks for you ideas, I’ll give them a try and get back to you’s if im stuck, thanks again!!

CloneCD had no problems with this one for me.

I just downloaded clone CD and now I am in the process of burning it. A few things occured to me though… does this mean that I will not be able to play this game on one of my other computers?? is it necessary to have clone CD on this other computer too? and after the initial 21 day trial period, will I have to purchase this programme in order to play it? thanks guys! this forum is very helpful!!

No, you don’t have to purchase CloneCD to play the game… But it’s a nice program, and if you intend on doing future game backups, I recommend buying CloneCD or Alcohol 120%

cheers mate for the swift response!

and also… on clone CD now it is reading the original disk, it has been 15 minutes with no progress, is this normal? i know it says in the guide it could take a while but it just seems a bit dodge that it is still on 0% (and not 1 or 2 percent at least).

Yep, perfectly normal :slight_smile:
the Safedisc copy protection puts fake “unreadable” errors on the first 10,000 sectors (or so)… so after 5% or something, it should fly past :slight_smile:

That’s why I recommended Alcohol, because it can skip those errors, but CloneCD will work just as good :smiley:

I gave alcohol a try as well, but it kept on coming up with those exclamation mark alerts and i didnt have a guide for it so I wasnt sure if that was abnormal or not. I’ll keep that in mind next time though, thanks!

The exclamation marks just means it found an error, and will bypass it.

I think i get it now… so when it brought up alerts saying like 100!,103! all the way to 2364! or whatever i got up to it was just bypassing the copy protection? and at 10,000 it would have stopped?

Yep. Basically.

Read up on the Safedisc Copy protection if you want to know the full details.

In a few lines:
The copy protection IS errors. The CD Reader reads the errors and tries to “fix” them. The copied game is loaded and it sees that it’s been “fixed” and doesn’t play.
By bypassing these errors, it writes the errors as-is (so hope that you don’t have many scratches). Then it’s almost a 1:1 copy.

Do you get it now? Hope so :slight_smile: