Age of Empiers



I tryed for 4hrs yesterday to try and get Age of Empires to make an image file on my hdd and it only goto 2%. What would be the problem?


i tried the same and i didn’t work : and i couldn’t copy it either. But with clone cd it finally worked ( a full working copy to cd )


Ever heard of copy protections?
When you don’t use Clonecd(need to be supported by your hardware) and you manage to create an image you need a patch too.


CD-Clone does the job for AOE2 as well, however you should be able to find a working version of AEO somewhere on the net… It used to be at but the URL is no longer valid.
I’m using a Plextor SCSI 12/4/32 right now and it’s a damn good burner, so always be carefull when buying a ne CD-ROM.