[again] what audio cd-burner?

OK, I know that this is a FAQ… but it’s my question:
My Plextor CDRW drive just died (OPC error) and I need an advice for best burning audio CDs.
Getting an used Plextor is risky and NOSes are too expensive for me.
Does it make sense searching for a new (out of production) CD-only burner for low-speed clv writing to minimize jitter? I only found some Liteon SOHR-5239V, new and sealed, but it’s a year 2006 drive! How should it deal with current media? What about a contemporary DVD burner? I hear good opinions about Optiarc 726x drives. O have I just stand with my Liteon LH20A1S?
Thanks all.

In my experience Optiarc DVD burners are some of the best CD-R burners, and I’d choose an Optiarc DVD burner over a LiteOn CD burner or LiteOn DVD burner for this job.

I have an Optiarc AD-5260S which is in the same series as the 726x (but without DVD-RAM support), but I haven’t tested how it performs for burning CD Audio. Previous Optiarc drives have performed very well for this purpose, provided that high quality CD-R is used.

LG DVD writers aren’t bad either. :slight_smile:


According to myce tests, my current Lite-on (20A1s) performs generally better than the old cd writer I considered, better than Optiarc on TY media, and a little worse (1.9 versus 1.7 C1/sec) on Verbatim CD-R (I currently use in printable version).
However, myce tests only write data CD-R. Does result somehow apply to audio recording?

Burning with low jitter can be important for CD Audio, at least in theory, and the LiteOn drives I know of aren’t very good at producing low jitter on CD-R media. Optiarc drives are better at this, at least with good CD-R media.

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2577675]Burning with low jitter can be important for CD Audio, at least in theory, [/quote]cough about the “theory”

I have yet to see an audio CD-R made with a Liteon that would not fail my real world quality test (equipment: JVC UX-T1). :smiley: