Again signs that CD-Rs might become more expensive

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It’s not the first time that Digitimes reports that Taiwanese CD-R manufacturers are increasing their prices. Till now most of the price increasments have passed by unnoticed, but again the big…

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I have 500 cd-r’s that I got for free :slight_smile:

This isn’t too bad as they are so cheap anyway. As long as they keep reducing recordable dvd discs prices i’m happy.

Who cares if they increase prices? Not me! I get them at a discount because I work at Be$t Buy PT. Plus I have enough to last me at least another year. BTW Lead Data CD-R’s suck! Be$t Buy can’t give those things away. Customers bitch all the time about them sucking the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

Is this another trick of making us run to the store to buy hundreds of CD-R discs while they are cheap and then to find out that prices didn’t drop at all?

cdrfreak, exactly what I thought, last summer they said in the newspapers CDR-prices were going to triple the next months, but the prices stayed the same.