Again rumors about tax on CDR 's

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Again rumors about a tax raise on CD-R’s. People are currently stocking cd’s like crazy. The Taxes should compensate the losses of the music…

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In Denmark we got a tax on about 4,50 dkr (1,00 dm = 3,95 dkr.) which is an increase of about 100% on the salesprice. The tax started 1. december 2000.
Really sux!

So people: Start buying now.

Actually in Denmark the tax is about 1 dkr right now. It will increase to about 4.50 dkr. in 5 steps within the next year.

So that is what you get for posting Dutch on this site.


You’re wrong Petspeed. The reason why they (Copy-Dan)would slowly raise the “tax” from december til june 2001 until, was to avoid that people bought 1000s of CDs before dec. 1st to avoid the tax. But when they found out that people did it anyway, they decided to introduce the full taxation (except for a few cents) from december 1st.
The tax is like the Danish tax on video-/audio-cassettes. You pay a certain amount pr. minute, which then means that the tax on 80min. CDs is higher than on 74min.

Read all about it here (IN DANISH!):

In the mean time, the CDR’s get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. The last time I payed about 90 cents in Holland for 74 min. Imation’s (without logo)

Exxpensive…i pay 80 cents for 80 min. arita’s (with logo).

in the uk you can get branded blanks for 30p approx 50us cents…come to uk for them

Untill now I only C that the prices are still dropping, here in NL! Recently I bought a amount of cds, for fl 10,-/10pieces! (NOT blanc ones)
But we’ll C!

:smiley: L8rz…! :smiley:

In eastern USA they are 20 Cents each for blank ones (100 for $20)

Yup same here. I’m in West USA and CDRs have been on sales one after another.

19.99 for 50 80min spindle
29.99 for 100 spindle

A bunch more like those.

The price in Denmark right now = 2 DM (in spindle).
And that’s because of the tax (1.25 DM)
I’m just glad i bought before 1 December

dont buy cd’s in a rrgular shop… buy online at…: they are much cheaper then the shops…

In Belgium you can get Princo 74min 12x for less than 18bef or Arita 12x 80min for 20bef, better than 30p in the UK, plus it"s not memorex crap either °-)

If the authorities raise taxes on regular cdr’s that can be used to backup your own stuff, they should be consequent and make a law that legalizes copying music.
For example there’s this Janssen’s Pharmaceutics company in my town. They massively use cdr’s to store their data on. Would they also have to pay this tax? Even if it’s only for home use: I do not plan to pay 5-6 Bfr/CDR,that goes to this lame music industry cause I don’t burn audiocd’s anyway.
And what do we get in place? Better music, cheaper music cd’s (new cd from famous artist cost 800-900bfr), free concerts? I don’t think so.

To Sitmpies:

In Denmark you don’t have to pay the CD-R tax. If you enter an agreement with Copy-Dan, which states that you use your CD-Rs solely for professional reasons, back-up of data, recordings of music you’ve made etc. You sign this agreement and get sort of an ID, which you can use to buy CD-Rs without taxes from your normal supplier.

Guys guys,
Who cares if the get Hfl 0,30 or BEF 6,- more expensive!! The CDR prices have dropped and dropped to a near bottomprice in about half a year. I still know the time when you had to pag hfl 3,50 or BEF 750 per CDR and still thought it was quite cheap!! So stop wining the little discs are way below price and whatever the state does with the taxes andsow people still want to buy them!!

If I don’t copy music, do I get a tax-refund ???

This page is worse than any exchange-office !

Altijd dat gezeik over dat er mensen zijn die reageren in het nederlands eikels