Again px-708a problems

Hi again,

Don’t know if you guys remember me, but i had a broken drive earlier, check it out here.

I shipped my drive to plextor and got a new one, this new drive burns all my dvd’s again, but it seems that at the ending of each dvd. let’s say at 1:50 of each film… it varies sometimes the movie isn’t playable anymore. The film get’s all f*cked up and i see pixelblocks. It’s at every dvd i burn with this new drive.

Is this a known problem? And what can i do to fix it?

Please help

Does the pixelation happen on playback on the 708A or on your player? What kind of media are you using? Have you tried another player or other media?

it’s on every player, and i didnt tested other media yet…

Will do so tomorrow when i get a new load of dvd;s

It could be a media problem or a too high recording speed. Try recording at a lower speed or some other, preferably high quality, media that’s recommended by Plextor. Please report back if this solves your problem(s)!