Again pirated CDs seized in Philippines

I just posted the article Again pirated CDs seized in Philippines.

Last month we reported about anti piracy efforts in the Philippines and this week again the Philipine authorities did an action against music and software pirates.

The authorities raided a…

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Government ova in Phillipines shouldn’t be kissing ass. They don’t realize that they are hurting their own economic in the way their people have no way of living or making a living = homeless people. w/ lack of education and resources you can only do so much. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is about cracking down on people copying and selling so all is ok. If there was one word on cracking down on home copying I would say FUCK the crackdown. The problem is though that they need to crack down on even copying and selling to not hurt the relation with the USA is stupid. Our relationship with another country should not depend on how a country behaves with this kind of bullshit. It should only depend on things like terrorism and killing in another country. Then I would understand why are relationship would be hurt with another country. But for copying and selling, our relationship is to be hurt, come on and wake up!!!

No sympathy for pirates selling copies at all