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I just posted the article Again on DRM….

An article published at myadsl is underlining again how DRM is more annoying for end-consumers than actually protecting against piracy.Issues are not related only to online purchased music, but also…

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Linux … woohoo! Triple boot for Winxp, Kubuntu & Vista business Premium … Linux is growing on me :B


Linux a solution? xDDD Now days, that Windows stability and security falls fallacy have no sense at all, if Linux is keeping alive is because the greed of some companies that needs server platforms, and some kool/free-minded users that hate M$ for no reason. Bah!


Linux is NOT ready for most. I guess everyone’s just gonna have to deal with DRM :stuck_out_tongue: I just wonder what M$ is gonna do when it’s entire userbase, and the governments also, rebel against DRM in a few years.


well… all i say is AGAIN… LinuX IS a solution… or M$ should keep up working on some better stuf, improve stability and ease of use and above all… USEFULLNESS and take away the crap the inject in their products… i LOVE what they’ve done with OFFICE 2007… it’s the best version i ever use since MS Office 97… till they do something better… i’m downlading the new FREE SusE Linux 10.2 from the server, while working to gain some money for my future MAC :slight_smile:


After being a Windows user and administrator since Windows 286, I switched to Linux. I tried Vista and found a reproducible crash bug 15 minutes after installing it. After 15 years of security “improvements” that were mostly marketing I am glad to be rid of M$.


If M$ is going to make me buy two new machines to be able to use Vi$ta, Mac’s are looking really good.