Again new version: CloneCD version

I just posted the article Again new version: CloneCD version

Again mok627 used our newssubmit to tell us a new version on CloneCD is available. Yesterday we reported about version and already today version is available…


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uuhh… that was fast :4 keep up the goodwork :wink:

seems a bit sudden for a futher update:( is it just me or does anyone else agree that ollie is just blacklisting all current serials etc right up to 3081. C’mon guys get a grip with reality. :wink: Find out for yourselves there is currently one working s/n available, and that has prob been b/listed on any new d/ls of this new version. I know, as I take the time to test the products, and then post the results :4

Er no in the last update he said the 12102b had burnproof. But it didnt work as he left the code out… he told him this, he said he left the code out by mistake and re-released a fixed version.

I found a serial that works fine with CloneCd!!! UserName: manuel riezebosch KeyCode: 104F3B844D19B0FA7E1E6CDB5161500908DDD766035DC35A1CD1B4F8E7D91BBEB10FD75B4D1323E6E44A04CA5F4BFFF47F1058062B57B4C0D0163CBED1001BBF