Again DW 1640 vs. RITEK

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don’t think I haven’t read this forum before posting, but I have quite a simple question - I have a DW 1640 with firmware BSLB. I have tried four different brands of RITEK Doule Layer discs (ID: RITEK-D01-01) but always received those infamous write errors at about 50% of the burn process (tried with DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn) - like many other users experienced.

Now, I know that there are plenty of problems described about these discs in this forum, but is it really “normal” that I really can’t even get a single DL burn with these RITEK D01 discs that finishes in a normal way? Other DL discs (e.g. Verbatim) always work correctly (like most of you experienced too).

Besides, the RITEK DVD+R DL discs are on the media compatibilty list published by Benq themselves!

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Ritek D01 is really bad media in my opinion

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:iagree: it’s the pits.

Amazing ppl still bother with any Ritek media. Have a look in the media forum. Save time and buy other media like MKM which is best recommended if it must be dl. The money is most probably lost and another lesson learned :wink:

There have been a few threads about this. While the Riteks are not the greatest, the DW1640 seems to fail on these disks during the burning process. It looks like a firmware problem.

I had 2 burn failures on Verbatim MKM 001 DL at 4x with WOPC on at 30-35% (DVD Decryptor). With WOPC off, I’ve had 2 successful burns, one at 8x although the 2nd layer burned at 4x and one at 4x. The drive has burned SL media (TY T02 and MCC 003) well.

You could try turning WOPC off.