Again 3100AD



Hi mates,

[yes ive read a lot in this forum, in some other pages and used the search option], but still a few easy yes/no questions around my mind. Lets take them:

  1. Is 3500 firmware intenteed to work with the 3100? I mean should the “NEC3500 and compatible” 2.18 firmware at " " work with 3100?

  2. or crossflashing applies to this thread: (seems to be 1 week ago updated)

  3. Question goes because of talking about the bitsetting support that should be lost crossflashing from 3100 to 3500. I have read Dee’s faq ( about bitsetting, but is the info outdated? (thread seems to be up to date). Is just because of compatibility of DL?

  4. Im having problems with the 3100 (yup, Dell preinstalled) because of the DAO error starting the record process with +r (cd worked perfectly, i think they are Inves dvd+r 8x), do you recommend trying the firmware before looking for a better dvd manufacturer?

Thanks in advance for your time and your ideas. I have spent a few how reading all the info but need confirmation before destroying my drive. :wink:

Sorry for bad english, not my first language?/mother tongue?.


Just a few yes/no answers should be enough.


  1. Depends on the firmware. Original NEC firmwares check if you have a 3100 drive and refuse to burn -R discs. However there are patched firmwares for this.

  2. This thread shows a solution (it’s even 2 solutions) that 1. is not needed anymore

  3. I don’t know about bitsetting support in 3100 firmwares, but there are several modified 3500 firmwares that include bitsetting support. Whether you need it or not depends on your player.

  4. If you have general problems with burning your discs (are you using quality or crappy discs?), flashing might not help and your drive could be broken.


Thanks for your time, man. Lets see if i have understood.

Well, i dont care about -R discs right now, just want get the +R to work. Although it would be nice to be able to burn -R.
Patched = no official? (any not from NEC?)

I havent understood this point. Does it mean that “the solution in the thread is not needed because you can apply 3500 modified firmwares”?
Is a 3500 patched fw the solution? (eg maddog?)

Ill give it a try on the player.

Lots of CDs worked perfectly. I tried Inves DVD+R 8x and failed. Im trying Sony +RW 8x, Verbatim +R 8x, TDK +R 8x this afternoon (already bought), before flashing anything.

TDK (RICOHJPNR01) seems to work with Dell’s 107:
(couldnt buy Maxell or Memorex)
(I also looked the medialist from NEC).

Ill let you know how it goes in a few hours (gmt+1, 15:20 now).



Well, reporting…

Sony +RW 8x worked (dont remember speed, think 4x). 2 TDK +R 4x worked at 4x. Couldnt try with Verbatim, which is the cheapest one i think.

Hope more than 3 will work. Ill let you know if it goes better.

For those with the same problem (3100AD and DAO error), i found one interesting tip:

<< With Nero InfoTool, if you insert the DVD media in the burner, and check the tool (select the drive…), it should display the max speed for burning the media. If burning speed is shown as “n/a”, it will give the DAO error (disc-at-once could not be started) when trying to burn. >>
It displayed the right speed for Sony and TDK when i tried, but showed n/a for the Inves and other media (dont remeber) i tried before.

Hope this helps.


Inves sounds like some really cheap media that is not supported by NEC. I guess this is the reason for your error messages.


Thats for sure.