After what reading use of my BR writer should I consider a dedicated BR reader?



I’m considering buying a BR reader along with the writer so that I will not wear out the writer. I always had a combo of writer-reader in my computers for this reason. The BR writer (and reader, if I get one) will be used for personal data, and once in a blue moon (or never) for a movie rip.

I guess to answer this question I need to say how much reading I expect to do with the drive. The answer is not a lot. The BR disks will be used for archiving data and that is going to be, what I consider, light use. I expect to write, at maximum, 10 (50GB or 100GB) disks in a month and to read even less. That’s because HDDs will be the ‘data read’ medium for me, with BR disks having a supporting role as one more point of redundancy.

So to answer my own question, a BR reader is not necessary.

But before I go ahead with this decision, I would like to read your opinion --and personal experience-- on this.

After what point of using my BR writer for reading data, should I begin to consider buying a dedicated reader?


In my experience bluray (laser) burner @100% quality lasts approximately [B]200 [/B] hours , so
if you burn (bd-r 25GB @x4) [B]25min[/B] you get 480 burns
if you burn (bd-r 25GB @x2) [B]45min[/B] you get 265 burns


After reading that, I thought three things.

  1. It’s my best interest to find disks that are high speed.

  2. It must also be important how will the drive lose burn quality. For the first 200 hours, it’s in 100% quality. For the next 100 hours? And then the next 100? And so on. How it degrades over time.

  3. Reading doesn’t effect the drive, only burning?


1 Yes

2 on cheap (bd-r 25) it varies between 12% and 100% mostly @25% , on panasonics (bd-r 25) mostly @75% burn quality

3 No, it will probably lasts 3000 hours

[B]Other thoughts[/B]
Using panasonic models: uj240, uj240af, uj260, uj260af, uj262, uj265, uj272 @x2 burn speed with cheap (bd-r 25).
They won’t degraded over time as fast as for example with liteon burner @x4


What writer do you currently have, anyway?


[QUOTE=Albert;2766765]What writer do you currently have, anyway?[/QUOTE]

[B]BD writers[/B]
Panasonic uj230AS, uj240, uj240AF, uj260, uj260AF, Liteon iHBS312, Sony-Optiarc BD-5300S, Samsung sn-506BB, Pioneer BDR-TD03

[B]BD readers [/B]
Liteon ds-4e1s, ds-6e2sh, HP/Sony-Optiarc BC-5500S-H1, Panasonic uj160, uj141
Over 4700 burns of bd-r 25GB


And swapjim, how about you?