After Using The NEC 3520



After using the 3520 inside the pc writing disks at only 4x reason being they were Ritek R03 8x +R disks, I finally got rid of the drive, but not completely. I have enclosured it into a standalone dvd 1:1 copier for the time being until it kicks the bucket. Anyways, I want to burn higher than 4x, but want to get good constant burns all the time. This is mainly for fast copies on the fly when needed. With that said, what media can I use on this drive using Liggy’s and Dee’s 2.U5 firmware to at least burn 8x with your recommended media and not have to scan each disk for errors. I know ritek media isn’t good, thats why I need a replacement for 8x burning, i.e. Ricoh, Verbatim, TY, etc. Any help would be appriciated. I know the NEC 3520 wasn’t as good as the other NEC’s, so thats why I want an honest recomendation from someone who has used this drive.



The verb 16x datalife is a sure thing with your burner
burns near perfict at 12x


Thanks for the recommendation…that is great news cause my Benq’s like Verbatim’s too. Haven’t tried them though because of price, but now I will.