After updating Nero to latest version, burnt discs can't be read in any other drive!

My nero version was bundled. It came with my samsung 248F 482448 cdrw drive. But I discovered that there was an update for nero, I installed it over my previous version and the installation was sucessful.

But when I burn a disc, be it cdr or cdrw, only my cdrw drive can read its contents. My normal SONY cdrom could not read NERO 6 burnt disc any more. Previously it could read and detect burnt discs.

So I suppose NERO 6 isn’t compatiable with my ageing burner…

But does anybody know why?

Update the Firmware bios to the latest, both in Sony and Samsung drives.
Try burning in slower speeds and see if this helps Sony cdrom detecting the burnt discs. Better to use CDrewritable media for .
Try the burnt discs in other cdroms.

I’ve already posted a reply in your other thread. Please don’t post two threads on the same topic in different parts of the forum - it is against the rules and can lead to useful information being split between the threads.

I mused in my other reply as to whether you had a hardware problem - now I’m not so sure, but the information is a little vague, particularly as you don’t seem to have a third drive to discriminate (if it’s a hardware problem, either the CD-RW or the CD-ROM could have failed).

A log of a burn from Nero (with the name and serial number removed from the top) would be interesting to see - it reveals a lot about your configuration.


You should buy the recommended ReWritable media for your samsung. Look at the companys web page.
I, for example, have some “Octron 10x” Rewritable disks which are read and written(10x) only by my TDK drive. Only burning them at 4x makes Pionneer DVDROM able to read them.