After update to 3.22 firmware the DVD-388 not boot

I have Wytron DVD-388 controller with 3.17 firmware
After update to 3.22 firmware the DVD-388 not boot, only LCD display on
How to back to 3.17 firmware?
How to reset firmware with some jumper?

Please ask those who provided you with that update.

Anything else is a shot in the dark.

If you went to “” and downloaded their file you should be ok. They only offer the last version for the 388 model. Usually, later revisions work better than earlier ones because they included support for more drive models. But getting firmware from anyone who cannot support any potential problems that may happen is dangerous. There are likely people in this forum that have the firmware but would not give the files out so as not to be partly responsible for a dead board that cannot be reflashed. Wytron, and some distributors, have special flashing hardware that plugs directly into the board. That may be your only solution.

No nobunaga, the firmware 3.22 I downloaded from this site “” and its no good.
Because this firmware the controller not boot.
and I need to send DVD-388 controller to Taiwan, to reflashing repear.
No reflashing repear available in my location.

i have the same problem with the frimware form the site you mentioned screen on the controller isnt completely blank it has 20 squares along the top half of the screen but wont do any thing i was thinking if i could get firmware 1.7b it might just be waiting on a compatable firmware to complete as it looks like v3.22 is a dud:sad:

Does anybody got any answer to this thread?
I’m having same problems like you guys.

What did you do aventually?

After firmware update - it said to restart the system
and its not booting!