After update to my ASUS BW-16D1HT is not anymore supported


Hi there!
I did the update and now DeUHD shows me the message that my drive isn´t supported! In the logfile i can see the message 84: net error: 2! Cany anyone help me?



I have two ASUS BW-16D1HT drives. One manufactured in 2015 and the other in 2017. Both have been left alone with the 3.00 firmware. Both are working perfectly with DeUHD

I’d contact DeUHD customer support.


Same here, two Asus BW-16D1HT with 3.02 firmware don’t work anymore with deuhd, however they continue to work perfectly with Makemkv and ANYDVD-HD


FWIW, I removed the locally cached data for one of my discs so that when it was scanned the keys needed to be redownloaded. I then ran DeUHD again and inserted my UHD disc. It was scanned, processed, and opened. Copy speed is slower because I was in a hurry and hooked the external enclosure up to a USB 2.0 port just to verify it working as well as only having it run for like 15 seconds. :wink:

Definitely contact Arusoft support.

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My two ASUS BW-16D1HT have also Firmware 3.0.2 and works perfect with AnyDVDHD and makemkv… i contact the Arusoft support this week and send them the logs…


Which drive works best together with DeUHD?

But never the best recommended Buffalo BRUHD-PU3 right?


I did it too, they already answered and asked me if I have done recently a firmware upgrade, but all do know that the 3.02 firmware is ok, the 3.03 should close the “friendly hole” …

I have asked them to investigate the reason why the 3.02 is friendly for Anydvd-hd and Makemkv and not for deuhd …


@TRichter @microfast

What happens if one of you guys having issues uninstalls and moves back to a version older than that? Does the drive show up as supported again?


I uninstalled and reinstalled clean the 1015 and still doesn’t work …


Hmmm… that is definitely perplexing.

Edit: Dumb question but did you reboot during this process? IOW uninstall, reboot, install?


If you safely downgrade them to 3.01 they will work also in DeUHD and you won’t lose anything regarding UHD Friendly capabilities as well as ripping speed.


Yes, I did like you say but again

Error Info: DeUHD does not support to decrypt the UHD disc with your Blu - ray drive.


I do know, but other the Asus I have an LG 16ns55 1,02 that works with deuhd; however it’s absurd that the Asus 3,02 is friendly with makemkv and not with deuhd …

I do hope that Arusoft does fix this annoying thing …


Definitely annoying and baffling. Hopefully Arusoft can get to the bottom of things.


The communication with the Arusoft support is very tedious! Answers from them takes days and the only questiom was which Firmware i use…


Arusoft fixed the problem without patch the software: was a problem on their server.

Now the Asus with firmware 3.02 works perfectly.