After two years, hard disks finally back to pre-flood prices

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Unlimited storage backup provider Backblaze reports HDD prices are finally at pre-flood levels. It’s been two years now since floods in Thailand destroyed production facilities of HDD manufacturers.

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Indeed. I recently had some drive issues (many bad sectors) in my laptop, which forced me to buy a replacement. Although he original hard drive was 160GB, I decided to buy a 250GB replacement, as it was less than $40 (I can’t remember the exact price).

And here I was, still used to post-flood prices. I really though I would be paying at least $90 for a 160GB replacement.

Yes ‘back’ to pref-flood prices. But if there had never been a flood we would be seeing prices much much cheaper still with 4TB drives being at least one third the price they are at present.

Meh, who cares… many people aren’t even embracing windows 8.1 let alone new hardware… I just bought a usb 3.0 card (to extend the life of my PC)so MAYBE I’ll take advantage of some usb 3 flash drives… or an ext. HDD & smart media box(roku or other) instead of hdmi out from my tablet when the time comes. I wonder when might these smart boxes will be capable of addressing more than a few HDD’s as externals w/ usb connection.

In the meantime… I’m cool with deleting less utilized media rather than warehousing terabytes of data…

Nevertheless, the HDD industry isn’t exactly chomping at the bit to cut prices further. Retailers offer these steeper discounts in extremely LiMITED quantities (such as $50 for a 1tb basic hard drive w/ 1y warranty).

Also, I can’t wait until end users (or online storage companies) lose terabytes of data on these new “HELIUM” filled hard drives… because it seems the HDD industry put their MOST if not all of their eggs in this light air basket design for drives above 4tb…

Yes for people that need more than a few Terabytes of storage, these old spinners are an excellent deal. I only need one or two Terabytes or I will stick with SSDs. Its a matter of choice and price, but some of these new WD Black Hard drives are at excellent prices now.

yes but the quality is not back. I want to buy a 2TB green drive but I am seeing mixed reviews. At work we are seeing a lot of new drives fail while the older ones keep on running.