After the uninstall & reinstall of Clone Dvd there is only browse in the Drop Down

I had to do an uninstall and reinstall of the Clone Dvd and kept my registration and I also did a Reg clean as I always do and now in my Drop Down when I go to burn I used to have both my External BenQ 162I (F) and my Internal Drive (D) to select from and now it simply Drops Down with “Browse”.

Can I get it back to showing the drives that I have instead of having to click on Browse to locate the Drive, It was more user friendly the other way, faster instead of having to look through the list.

I hope that experienced members have a suggestion as to how this can be changed.


Well what version of CloneDVD2 do you have and is your version from the slysoft company and not so knock off brand faking the slysoft brand name?

Sure. Just “Browse” for your drive and click “next” at the bottom of the window. CloneDVD will remember the last paths (the pulldown is not a drive list).

Yep, what Tru said.