After the Conversion the .MPV Freeze at certains parts

Hey i’ve done a bunch of conversions, all came very good. Recently i downloaded the movie “Narc” (i saw this movie 2 time in the theather so dont complain).

The video is an Xvid 576*320 at a bitrate of 781 kb/s and a framerste of 23.976 - report by gspot. I checked the file for Stream Erros on Vdub and no problems were found, i could whatch the entire movie and its perfect…i could forward, reverse, pause…and its always good---- .

Welll the problem is that i tried to convert this movie with the mechanized porcedure like the others i’ve done and after the 4h job the Pulldown Encoded NTSCvideo.mpv and the Encoded NTSC video.mpv, even when it plays fine all the long it have a strange error.

If you go to min 40 : XX : xx the movie shows the frame but freezed, the audio if its multiplexed continues running and also the movie but the frame its freezed…i need to wait until min 1h : 20 : xx or something like that to movie start to show again…

I could even try to play from any min after 40 and its the same error, you just could forward and reverse from the first 39 : 00 : xx and the last 1 : 20 : xx (note that the time its not an exact matter)

When im adding chapters from the min that the movie freeze the software doesnt compile. I could compile without the chapters and movie plays fine but i suspect that something its wrong with the file and that some dvd players could reject this since all the others came perfect (+20 movies so far).

I converted the spanish and the english version, and with cce 2.50 and…the same result. i’ve not tested yet the gop open, just closed but i dont think this its the problem. It could be possible that many peoples have this problem but have not notice yet, so verify the file by forwarding and reversing before burning. The problem should be with the movie i download. I tried to change the format from xvid to divx but i get loose quality. i dont know how to change the compression without compromising quality. If i split the file i think i could avoid the problem but this its not a good solution cause it could produce retarding on dvd players while opening a new movie, also i use subs…any help will be apreciatte…