After the cleo mod my 1635 seems more loud

ok its a good mod thanks cleo but why is my 1635 more loud now? the high picthched sound is botersome but i do admit it burns better now

where do you got the mod from? and what does it do?

he she says it mods a prom or something to give a beter burn i think he she lied i got it on the cleo website it does give a good burn but it just seems louder and when i try to revert back it wont work

can you give us the link?

he she wont let me i asked but im sure google wil work i used same nick there as i did here so im sure ill get baned from the site if i post link the mod isnt all that good anyways i wouldnt use it if i already didnt do it.some people have had great results well some like me have had probs