After the burn- DVD case cover printing

This is a bit off-topic, but this seems like the only forum that reliably has a lot of people backing up DVDs.

For all of you that print DVD covers to put in the DVD-style cases of newly backed up discs, I’d like to pick your brains about how you go about doing so. My local Kinkos wants a little over $1 USD to print high-res .jpg on semi-gloss paper. On the other hand, my Epson 740 really isn’t a great printer for detailed pictures and tends to go through ink cartridges like shit through a goose.

I’d love everyone’s input on how they do it and what the quality turned out like.

Thanks all.

I use 130gsm Photo mat paper 50 sheets £3.Print on Epson 830. Settings, print quality text and image, Paper quality photo quality ink jet paper.Perfect every time,and when you put them in the case they turn glossy.I buy the ink for £3 a cartridge and the cases for £11 for 100.So it costs me paper and ink 16 pence a cover, plus 11 pence a case.

This is one you can’t win. If you are printing inserts for one cover then you can find good pricing on a large order. But one at a time you are stuck with Kinkos pricing or buying a good ink jet printer which will eat those carts up on no time. My advise and what I do, print out a nice DVD label and put them in a binder.If you are “backing up” lots of titles this is the way to go…

I can not find the thread again, but can anyone reference a website or two that has dvd/cd covers?

Try these.

My HP does an excellent job at printing covers. I bought a no-name double ink capacity cartridge and have re-filled it twice now and it’s still going brilliantly.

I print on bright white legal paper so I don’t have to cut anything out… when the cover is mostly black in the background I switch and print on a much heavier, almost cardboard like paper.

As for your printer, it may be cheaper just to buy a new printer… have you seen how affordible canon ink is? It’s ridiculously cheap, I stick with HP cause I’m into the whol re-filling thing, just saves me tons.

My costs (CDN):
DVD CASE $.59, Double Case $.69 - insert for 3rd disc in double case $.35
Thick bright white legal paper: $15 for 500 sheets
Maxell DVD-R discs $30 for spindle of 25 (almost always TY!!!)
Ink - pennies a page, re-fill kit cost $20 for 2 colour, 2 black refills and I can do hundreds of full colour pages on a single fill.
Cost of backing up my dvd’s to make them look like the original - priceless


Do you know of any more dvd case covers sites

Does anyone here no of a realy good dvd case covers site?