After some software

If something scores 93 or over on the quality score of cd/dvd speed does it mean i have 100% of my data on the DVD?
I wasnjust after some software which tells me i have 100% of data that went on the dvd and if it still is on the DVD.
I cant use comparison programs because the whole idea is putting them on DVD and deleting them.
I need a program that tells me if i have any data corruption on DVD discs if so where abouts they are.
I need a good, honest, accurate program too.

Cheers ppl.

The only ways to ensure that you have a good copy are:-

  1. Disk Quality scan
  2. File comparison. Use Windiff (from Microsoft) or Cd Check (found thru’ google)

The disc scan only tells you that you have a good burn. A file comparison tells you that all data is correct.

If you don’t compare how on earth will you know that the data has been accurately copied.

Yeah you’re right actually.
If the quality scan says 97 does it mean some data is corrupted on the disc?

NO. It says you’ve got a very good burn. It says nothing about the data all being intact.
That’s why you need to verify by doing a file comparison if you need convincing that the data has been copied accurately.

You could have a scan of 0 but the data could all be as accurate as a scan of 100%. I will say again that the quality scan is just that - it’s the quality of the burn , not the data.

I think you’re labouring this point about quality scans & you need to accept all the advice/comments that have been made & move on.

Oh no im not insulting anyone, im just as thick as 2 short planks.


I wasn’t suggesting you were insulting anyone.

You’re clearly getting some decent quality burns so get some file comparison software as I’ve indicated & do some tests to reassure yourself that the data is being written accurately, it almost certainly is.

Once you’re comfortable that the DATA is accurate ( it doesn’t matter whether it’s data files/video files or whatever) then in future after you burn do a disc quality scan to check that the burn quality is OK. End of story.

Note that some DVD writing packages will modify the ifo/bup files (particularly the timestamp) so errors here are acceptable.

If you’re burning image files (ISO/BIN/NRG/IMG etc) then to be able to compare the data you’ll need to mount the image on a virtual drive so it then appears that you’re doing disc comparisons. I use Daemon Tools for this.

I understand that before you delete something from your HDD that you need to be sure that it’s safely copied - we all need that comfort - so hopefully doing what I’ve suggested will give you the comfort you need & that you’ll be able close this issue & worry about something else.

Please note that nothing I write is ever intended to cause any offence although it may appear that way. Just ask my kids about this , I say something innocent & they take totally the wrong way.


lol ok then mate cheers 4 that.
I wuill use a cdcheck then.
Used it before, didn’t think it was that good but now you’ve told me it sounds pretty good.
I thought it was meant for something else but now the time is here it does what i ned it to do so ill check it out.
Dont worry mate werent offended.
Thanks very much for ya help on here ppl.
Dunno what id do without all this info.

Interesting discussion for me as I am a Noob at burning dvd’s. I noted the programs for doing a file compression check and am going to be following up on that aspect as I can see the importance of it.

However now I have a Noob query and that is in respect of the Quality Scan. Is there a program that checks that out?
Or how does one measure the quality of the burn?

Sorry if this seems elementary. I want to make sure that I am burning and doing the proper process in checking all aspects of a good burn and know what tools to use.

Regards :bow:

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To do a disc quality scan you need Nero CD/DVD Speed. This is the link for the latest version

There’s enough discussion about the quality aspects on the Benq DVD writer forum so I’ll repeat nothing here.
It appears that disc quality scanning is available to you if you have the right (earlier) firmware. I found that by a search on the Benq forum for “162i”.

Hi Cleary sorry didnt reply to your message just havnt got round to it.
Cheers TimC for the info.

The annoying thing is though when i do burn CD’s its always the beginning bit that gets a glitch often a bad start to the burn by looking at the transfer rate greaphs and surface scans its always the first sector damaged.
When i start the burn off it will get to 2% before i can hear the drive spinning the DVD.
This will happen on and off through out the whole burn.
As you can imagine a lot of cd players cant read them because of the damaged first sector on the T.O.C which is where the players starts its reading i think isnt it?

I really need to sort this out its getting kind of urgent.



I was wondering if the files you were backing-up are on your external drive.
Perhaps this is what is causing the problem.
Possibly it causes problems at the beginning of the burn?
Hopefully someone with more experience can shed some light.


Oh not at all.
The external is rarely connected and have nevr burned a file from th external.
Its crazy though.
The drive is playing up a bit…

I also done a scan yesterday with CD Check and no errors were found.
This was the transfer rate result graph:
Was a bit surprised at the 2 lines.
Was also wondering why it hiccups at the beginning of burns.

Cheers people.