After SFN

Hello everyone
I have a game that has starforce on it, (GTR FIA racing so i dont think its the latest starforce version), After using SFN, do i have to worry about running SFN and disabling my drives everytime i want to play it? Or do i just run it one time and forget it? Also is there an option to automatically run SFN when i start the game?

Thanks for any help


Oh i forgot to ask as well, i hear that even when your not playing a game that has SF on it, and even after you uninstall the game, SF is still on the computer and it can still cause problems, can anyone confirm this?


Just Disabling them won’t work. The game still knows its there. You need to get virtual cd hide.!rar

so if i use virtual cd hide, i dont have to bother use starforce nightmare to disable the drives?
And are the SF drivers still active when im not playing the game?

That link doesnt work and i cant find virtual cd hide anywhere, do you have another link?


You have to use SFN every time before playing. And don’t forget to enable your drives after playing !
… and if you don’t slip up you don’t have to worry :bigsmile:

That was true for quite some time; in this case one has/had to use the official StarForce Drivers Removal Tool.
New SF 4 versions automatically remove drivers.

I doubt Virtual CD Hide to work for Starforce; AFAIK SFN works for versions up to 3.4.65 (G.T.R. is

P.S.: When using DT 4.x you don’t have to Disable Node