After searching i still can't find the answer. (3500 firmware)

I am trying to determine which is the best current firmware out there to use on my 3500. I have done some searching and reading but there are so many out there i can’t really determine which is best.

I am looking for a firmware that focuses more on quality as opposed to speed. Bitsetting is also important for +R disks.



Theres not that many choices. And you wont get a world of difference with diff. ones either. Just get good media and youll be fine.

For Quality and the latest writing strategies and also one that will support bitsetting get this one: 218btrpc1.

Removing riplock gives you speed but it still gives you good burns so… thats a good choice!

hmmm…I wonder how no riplock correlates to burn quality :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: