After ripping necessary to build an ISO to burn on DL

hello, I´m quite surprised with the quality of DVDFabDecrypter.I now use Dual-Layers to back up and have backed up 3 movies until yet.As I used Verbatim DL-Media on the first 2 ones I was forced to use Traxdata on the 3rd movie I backed up.This movie doesn´t play well because from the middle on I have errors on the disc so I can´t see it clearly like pixelerrors and then it stops.
Well this DL-Media is quite expensive and now my question about this.
After I have backed up with DVDFabHdDecrypter the movie on my harddrive is it recommended to build an Iso-Image first and then burn with for example with ImgBurn or can I go on burning straight away with the second way (Burning DVD Video files directly to double layer media with ImgBurn) as I did?
I´m asking which way is safer to avoid bad results.

Thanks for helping out


Why where you forced to use traxdata?
I personally prefer to build iso with IMGBurn then burn with Verbatim DVD+R DL media,at no more than 6X…
Or DVDFab Platinum 1 click method…

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If the error happened in the middle of the movie it is at the layer break. Probably due to poor quality media as this occurs at the outside edge of the disc on a DL. You might want to consider going back to the Verbatims if you can get them. I have burned many DLs without creating the ISO first and have had no problems (using DVDFab Platinum).

Thank you for the replies,

first I was forced to use Traxdata DL because I live in a small town in greece and Verbatims DL are not always available.Today I had to trie Philips, well the result was quite acceptable.As for the layer break there is another question I have, what if there is no better choice as all the layer breaks are of average quality,which one should be chosen, on the right side there is always yes I believe for slip or so.

kostas.d :bow:

signals wrote" I have burned many DLs without creating the ISO first and have had no problems (using DVDFab Platinum)."
hey signals, I too have recently been backing up with Platinum to DL w/o building iso first,and gotta say it again, impressive IMO!!!

Hi Kostas. Maybe you could order your DLs on the internet. If you are forced to use Traxdata or other poor brands, reduce the burn speed to 2.4X, it might improve the results. For my DVD drive, the only brand that works every time is Verbatim. I have used some other types but about 30% were failures, like what you have experienced. If you can’t get Verbatim, try Fujifilm (but they are not the best either, about 20% failures for me). Your best solution may be to order online or buy when you travel to a larger city with more stores. Good luck!:slight_smile:

I was leery at first but have had great success when using quality blanks. I almost never write ISOs anymore. I credit Fengtao and VSO, as my setup is nothing special.

I agree guys!
Gone are the days of patchwork .ISO’s (back in the days of Fab…using 3 different softwares to make a decent DL disc.
Like signals, when Fab 3 came out I started with .ISO’s, but quickly transitioned to file mode.

Couldn’t be happier!.. :cool:
These DLs are flawless, as good as the ones made with Img…and no LB issues like with Fab 2.

One of the features we really wanted with Fab 3 was to be able to customize a DL disc easily, ie., strip out a lot of the crap. In the past, it just wasn’t worth the effort so I burned .ISO’s.
Not anymore, [B] Platinum Rocks[/B]… :clap: