After reformatting my comp

Hi, I’m new to this forum, and I have a couple questions about what happens after I reformat my computer.

First of all, I can’t change the settings for my resolution. I can’t right click the wallpaper and change it. I don’t know why. Second thing is , my computer can no longer detect drivers. Like, my speakers do not work. I don’t think it can detect anything like USB or anything, but it can still detect my CD drive. I don’t know.

May someone be so kind to help me out?? :sad: Thank u!

Well you probably need to load the chipset drivers for the MB and load the drivers for your sound and video too. When you format it wipes all that out and you have to load everything back.

It’s a long, step-by-step process to re-install all the drivers, depends on the hardware you have, if you still have the installation CDs of your hardware… you’d better ask some knowledgable friend to come to your place check it out…!