After reformat I cannot burn anymore

Hey all,

Sorry if this gets on anyones nerves but im confused.

Ive recently purchased a new PC with a dvd burner etc, and the hardware is a pioneer dvr-108? If that makes any sense.

Well, a little while ago, it was working when i first purchased it, and now ive had to reformat, it doesn’t seem to be working, I don’t have any drives to install, not sure if I need them? or anything to make it work.

Any help what-so-ever is very greatful.


First of all welcome to the forum.

A burner don’t need any driver. Simply plug into the system and windows will recognize it. That’s all.

Can you explain exactly what is your problem? It don’t burn anymore? It don’t read anymore? When you reformat, maybe something turned off DMA: check if DMA is active.

To check DMA, go to control panel --> System --> Hardware --> Device Manager.

On device manager expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and double click on primary IDE and on Secondary IDE. Check here if DMA is active.

Hope this can help. If not, please post more details.

Sorry, I apologise for my explaination, and thanks for replying.

Ive been through the stated steps, and shows this is working properly,

For example of what happens:

I insert the CD(dvd-r), and open up Nero, click add video, and do so, when I click next to start the burn, a pop-up indicates, a wrong CD is inserted, this comes up for both audio/video files, I use the correct CD’s as stated, and someones an error accurs, and the program has to be cancelled.

Hope this gives you more of an idea.


No need to apologize. Primary function of this forum is allow users to help each others.

Exactly what type of video do you add to new compilation? It seems like if you try to burn an avi onto a video dvd or something like this. Maybe nero says that you are inserting wrong data to the compilation.

The file i was trying to burn was a Movie File (MPEG).

Im sure i remember burning previous Movie Files (MPEG), but maybe im doing something wrong, I literally reformatted, and havn’t touched my Burner, other than to install Nero.

Maybe you are choosing the wrong compilation. Do you want to play this MPEG on a standalone DVD player?

If yes, then you must first convert this file into a video DVD format, i.e convert MPEG file into VOB files.

But if you want only store this mpeg file for a backup to play only on your computer, then you must choose “DATA DVD” and not “video dvd”.

If you choose video DVD and then put a mpeg file in the compilation, nero give you an error because a “video DVD” must contain VOB files, and not mpeg files.

I hope to have explained well (sorry for my errors; english is not my primary language)

ohhh I see,

So if I want to play an MPEG on a dvd player, I have to convert the file to VOB?

Thats really good, thanks alot for your help, can you recommend any software?


There are many conversion software. The one I like very much is TMGPEnc DVD Author. Is very simple to use. Too bad is not free.

Many users on the forum use NeroVision Express (never tried by me but there are many threads on the forum; try to do a search) or DVD Santa, not free also.