After Premiere,Then What



If you were to capture vodeos,and made a series of them,one after the other in Adobe Premiere,could you burn your compilation
in Nero,or use something like ArcSoft Showbiz,or Sonic MyDVD to
‘author’ it? As usual,thanks to all who reply… :bow: :bow: :bow:


I can’t see why not.

I use Vegas and its sidekick DVD Architect, but the principle is the same.

  1. Use the editor (Vegas or Premiere) to get the tracks into some sort of order.
  2. Render the tracks (you don’t say what format you’d capture them with) into MPEG2 suitable for DVD use.
  3. Use the DVD authoring tool (DVD Architect or Sonic MyDVD) to build your menus and chapter points, and output the final VOBs, IFOs and BUPs.
  4. Burn the DVD - either from within the authoring tool, or with Nero, Gear Pro (my favourite) or whatever suits you best.

Have a go. It sounds fun.



Thanks much,Mr. McCall,I will try it ,and reply back in this thread…