After nec3520a installation comp lags

I just installed the nec3520a and sometimes when i use my drives it lags a little, it seems to freeze for a few sec then normal. I have a liteon burner installed too. This problem is occuring after I installed the nec 3520a. When I open my drives it lags the computer too, I even formated my computer and it still lags. This problem hadn’t occure before and I didn’t install or do anything new on the computer so it must the the drive.
comp spec:
amd athlon xp 1666mhz
bus speed:133mhz
motherboard Microstar ms-6570
bios phoenix 6.00 pg
memory 512mb
video nvidia geforce 4 ti4200 with agp8x
Both the drives dma is on n autorun is on. Master is my nec and slave is my liteon.

Check the jumpers on the back of the NEC and make sure they are set as Master

When it came in the package the jumpers are already set to master so I didn’t change anything. Could it be that my other liteon drive is having conflict with my nec drive and cause some problems?

Could it be that both dma is turned on?

After a couple second of computer froze I see the cd thingy around my mouse, the thing that when you put a cd in the drive the mouse got a cd thing near it. So this lag is caused by the drives somehow.

When it starts laggin my nec3520a the light is on and then it freezes my computer, when its off later on it goes back to normal, this means that its causing my computer to freeze. I read somewhere that it could be the nvidia nforce ide thingy causing problems. I have a nvidia nforce mcp2 ide controller is there a way to solve this problem?

Uninstall it (delete NW ide controller in device manager), then let windows install it ide drivers, and should be ok

If I uninstall the ide controller will it make my other hardware/software messed up? How do you delete the controller and let the microsoft controller install? Can you please give me a link thankz