After installing pioneer dvr-r 100 I get all sorts of hardware errors

hello all, ok ok, i went cheap with my new burner. :frowning: got a pioneer dvr-r 100 man this thing has made my life hell! im getting memory reading errors, systemroot/ststem32/config/software errors, to the point i cant even get the comp to boot period. ive tried to load win xp pro xp home and win 2000, same thing with all three! my system is amd 3700+ gforce 6200 asus mb 754 1 gig ram…

im reloading again. 7th time with 2000, has anyone else had this problem ? ps tired of calling microsoft :a anyway. any advice, im stumped on this one. system works fine with any other drive.

defeated :bow: thanks viper

And your PSU is…?

You have to install the burner correctly, preferred as MASTER drive, using an 80 conductor IDE cable and running in UDMA4 mode.

ok its the master of ide 2. using a usus ribbon, with sp4 2k loaded. have no clue if its a 80 cable, i must be a noob again. looking to see what an 80 cable is. i have the system reloaded. seems to work fine without software loaded. im thinking of loading diff software than the stuff they sent with the drive.

its been fun reading the boards here, many of you are way ahead of the curve, if anything ive been learning alot :slight_smile: even if i have no idea what it is im learning :bow:

ahh ata 100 cable… sorry when they first came out i called them ata 100cables. you know im not sure what i put on it. checking now and will put one on it. my bad. didnt even think of that. … thanks again tooth…

ok, the mb just incase anyone wants to know is a kv8 deluxe. with an 80 cable, still scrathing my head… im looking around for others still who have been having this problem and found one other person, but no fix is posted for his either… man this is weird… peace tooth…

Does it run in UDMA4 modeÄ?

Have you some 3rd party IDE drivers installed or the standard m$ IDE drivers?