After installing firmware my dvd/cdrw stopped

Hi All,

I have a promedion computer with a dvd/cdrw drive. I had QSI CDRW/DVD SBW 242B installed and patched it with QSI CDRW/DVD SBW 242 UD30 to get rid of the 5 times region change. I guess this was the wrong thing to do, because my computer tells me there is a DVD/CDRW drive, but cannot access it.
I can only think of reinstalling the original firmware, but I cannot find this anywhere. Anyone who has experience with this? Should I just throw away the drive?

Richard (Stupid) Fluit

UD30 is for drives in Dell laptops only. What was your drive’s original firmware version?

For now, use mtkflash in DOS to dump whatever firmware is currently on your drive and send me a copy please.

Thanks for replying. My computer does not want to boot from the CD and I have no floppy drive. With Mtkflash I need a *.bin file (It seems?) Where do I get that from?

I already called myseld stupid, and again I do, because I have no idea what numbers I had before.

Can I use winmtkflash to do the same thing?


You cannot use MTK WinFlash to make a backup. You will create your own .bin file that is the backup of whatever is your drive’s firmware right now.

You’ll need to remove the drive and check on its label to see if the original firmware version of “ROM” version is printed on it.

I’ll try to take out the drive, although I am a bit afraid to do so.

I’ll report back to you,


I took out the drive. Hereby the numbers that I can find on them. I leave out the serial number.

The numbers on the drive are:
SBW242BSUX51-C (For the firmware I guess)
SYS-BJJDKJD (No idea for what)
QSI COMBO 24X (Model I guess)

I hope this helps?